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Avasol Ambassador Interview: Molly Helfend
Tell us about yourself and what kind of work you do. Where to begin! Well, My name is Molly and I am an herbalist, ethnobotanist, writer, educator, and explorer. I was born on earth, raised in California, and reside in...
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Avasol Story Highlight: Josh Bogle, Finding True North
Josh Bogle defies all odds. A decade ago, Josh lost all four of his limbs. In 2018, he picked up surfing and quickly rose to excellence as a world-class adaptive surfer. What's more, as of 2021 he is the first quadruple amputee to surf standing up on prosthetic legs. Josh is on a mission to fulfill his dream to become a para-surfing world champ and a big wave surfer. Through his story, he hopes to encourage audiences to never give up on themselves, have gratitude for life and give back to the ocean & environment around us all.
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Avasol Ambassador Spotlight: Ramon Navarro
Warrior of the Waves Ramon Navarro is no stranger to sun. As a Chilean big wave surfer and activist, he's devoted his life to braving the biggest of waves and climates. With that, comes hours of time exposed to nature's strongest elements. Avasol has allowed Ramon to pursue his passion of riding big waves, and his purpose in protecting them from coastal destruction.
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