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Environmental Stewardship Across Cultures and Communities
In honor of Earth day, we caught up with ethnobotanist @flowerblossomboogy to discuss the cross-cultural differences she’s observed in her research regarding human relationships with the environment. Swipe to learn about different cultures’ concepts for human-nature oneness, societal stewardship, and duty to...
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Avasol Ambassador Interview: Molly Helfend
Tell us about yourself and what kind of work you do. Where to begin! Well, My name is Molly and I am an herbalist, ethnobotanist, writer, educator, and explorer. I was born on earth, raised in California, and reside in...
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Avasol Story Highlight: Josh Bogle, Finding True North
Josh Bogle defies all odds. A decade ago, Josh lost all four of his limbs. In 2018, he picked up surfing and quickly rose to excellence as a world-class adaptive surfer. What's more, as of 2021 he is the first quadruple amputee to surf standing up on prosthetic legs. Josh is on a mission to fulfill his dream to become a para-surfing world champ and a big wave surfer. Through his story, he hopes to encourage audiences to never give up on themselves, have gratitude for life and give back to the ocean & environment around us all.
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