Since Avasol's humble beginnings in 2010, we've been partnering with ocean advocates and athletes worldwide to spread our educational message around the globe. 

Our ambassador program is made up of respected individuals in their communities, working together to spread the word on how to find safe, healthy alternatives to mainstream sunscreens. Our ambassadors have the opportunity to educate people on the benefits of supporting companies like Avasol® that work with nature, not against it.

Through this program we hope to redefine marketing to be more of an educational tool rather than a hard sell. We'll never try to sell you something you don't need - that would be reckless consumerism and that's just not what we're about. Instead, we seek to empower our consumers by educating them on issues ranging from ocean conservation, to reduced-waste packaging, to environmental social justice. Once educated on these issues, it becomes clear that Avasol is the most harmonious solution. Through knowledge comes real behavioral change! Our ambassadors serve as a resource and a touchpoint to communicate this knowledge, and of course, the stoke is infectious, as the product and our people who represent it speak for themselves! 

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Liz Clark 

Leah Dawson 

Ross Williams

Tessa Timmons

Mele Saili

Francisco Porcella


Louis Solywoda

Manny Resano 

Rachel Moore

Otto Flores

Jeffery Cheney

Lucas Godfrey

Domenic Mosqueira

Kaiulani Bowers

Ramon Navarro

Crystal Homcy

Benoit Carpentier

Quinten Rubalcava

Schuyler Allen

Pierre-Karl Sanscartier

Candelaria Resano

Valentina Resano

Rebecca Jamgochian

Natasha Hudson

Lizzette Perez

Emi Koch

Kayla Burke

Cormac Cove

Nikolas Gutierrez

Isabel Blanco

Darla Chenin

Todd Messick

Reo Stevens

Molly Helfend

AJ McCord

Merman Andy