Sustainable Swaps for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Sustainable Swaps for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

We asked Molly Helfend: How do you empower others to be conscious consumers? What is the power we have as consumers to reshape the natural and economic landscape of our society?

"I love this question. I think the best way we can be conscious consumers is by educating ourselves and changing our individual habits! Supply = demand. 

Since I have been studying sustainability for upwards of 10 years and traveling the world gaining deeper perspectives, I have rationalized that the biggest destructive force on this planet is transnational corporations.

It's so easy to click and buy without a thought in the world about how a product was made, who is shipping it and how it gets to you. But we should all sit and look at our own habits to learn how we can be more conscious stewards on this planet. Some ideas to start with:

  • Buy local.
  • Support small businesses.
  • Lobby your community and representatives.
  • Stop buying fast fashion.
  • Lower your plastic consumption.
  • Don’t upgrade your technology all the time.
  • Do your research into brands.
  • Support natural medicine.
  • Eat more plant based.
  • Reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Offset your carbon emissions.
  • Fly non-stop.
  • Educate on environmental justice.

No one is perfect. We are not going to throw away our computers, stop buying bananas and never fly again. But, every little bit counts, I swear. We can promote positive change. Our thoughts are reflections of our reality. So, think positive and try your best in your daily life! 

So, I would hope my work can inspire others to do the research into the brands they support, as well as, look deeper into how they honor nature through their own conscious habits.


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