By 2010, we'd had enough of sunscreens suspected of causing more harm than good. Our search for an effective, natural, sustainable sun protection solution that felt good on our skin proved fruitless. Unable to find a product that met our standards, we investigated the traditional ingredients used in natural medicinals and ethno-pharmacology. This, combined with a bit of green chemistry, led us to create Avasol. The name says it all: “Ava," from the Samoan word for respect, and “Sol," for the sun that shines life on our planet. Respect the sun. We didn’t just stop there. We treated our customers as we wanted to be treated: as smart, sustainability-minded, health-conscious individuals. We respected our planet by offering biobased and refillable packaging to lessen the burden of waste on our mother Earth. And we respected our partners by agreeing to only use the finest natural and organic ingredients that were certified Fair Trade.

If we were in it just for the money, we could have just stuck some white goop in a plastic bottle and called it organic. But we're not, so we didn’t.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is defined by the simple truth that the age of Business as Usual is over. While responsible corporate behavior could solve most of today's social and environmental problems, not everyone is prepared to turn that fact into their reality. At Avasol, we strive to be a leader in developing a new, conscientious corporate model based on getting past hype and confusing terminology so we can all focus on what really matters: bringing responsible skin care to our community.

• We are purpose driven.

• We believe it’s possible to provide products that are safe, effective, natural, affordable,

and sustainable.

• We believe it’s possible to make significant positive impacts (social, environmental, and

economic) throughout the production, packaging distribution, and use of our products.

• We are what we absorb, do, and think

• What you do matters!

• The ocean is in us all.

• Everyone is different, yet we are all connected.

• Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

• The impossible just takes longer.

Sun protection. Your way.

Whether it’s a solid stick or a lotion, we have the sun protection you want with the kinds of real ingredients you deserve. If you’re into fresh, local, and organic, you’ll love Avasol. If you care about what you and your loved ones put on your body, you’ll love Avasol. If you care about how the products you use affect every other living thing on our planet, you’ll love Avasol. If you want sunscreen that has several industry firsts to its name, you’ll love Avasol. Even if all you want is a plain old, better sunscreen that just works and feels good, you’ll find Avasol is the ticket.

We've been busy making constant improvements, based on customer feedback. If you are a returning customer, you may have noticed the shades getting a touch warmer, so now we're giving them new, more appropriate names. Stay tuned for a new 4th Deep shade!

*Please note:
If you ordered Tan before, you would order 02:Medium.
If you ordered Dark before, you would order 03:Tan now.

Enjoy and we welcome your feedback too!

Our approach

We recognize that one size does not fit all, and our ultimate goal is to achieve an all-encompassing tint range that meets the needs of our entire community… as much as possible. In grappling with the unique challenges of formulating a dark sunscreen, we cannot break from our foremost commitment to crafting a safe and effective suncare product.

Why a tinted sunscreen?

From the beginning, our shades have been the result of customer requests to more closely match their skin tones. Because, yes, a true non nano sunscreen can be somewhat opaque. In fact, the only 100% safe active ingredient in sunscreen is non-nano Zinc Oxide, which is totally opaque white. Thus, there is a need to add color shading.

However, sunscreen's visibility and opacity depends on how much of it is applied. It can easily be blended to look completely natural for daily use. For severe conditions, like surfing and other extreme sports, more sunscreen is typically used and it becomes more visible and opaque.

Shockingly, there are currently zero regulations on the use of nanoparticles. The result is that many products claim to be "non-nano", but at the same time rub in transparent. This paradox is a clear sign of false claims driven by marketers looking to greenwash their products to sound “reef safe." Ironically, these products can be toxic to the ocean itself and, potentially, to the people who swim in it. The reality rooted in science is that a transparent sunscreen is either going to contain a UV absorber (like Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, etc., which are known toxins), or nano-particles, which are both emerging as potentially serious health and environmental hazards.

In any case, we have a fantastic solution that people are totally loving. It may not be for everyone, but I do have a 100% guarantee. So if you want to try it, it is risk free.