Blue & Green Product Reviews
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday, June 12, 2014
By Ethan Stewart

Blocking the Sun Naturally: As a two-time cancer survivor - and with one of those death matches coming against melanoma - I take my sun protection very seriously. Add to this the fact that I find it hard to go more than 24 hours without jumping into a body of water of some kind, and I become a mainstream sunblock company's worst nightmare: someone who demands the highest performance under extreme weather conditions without putting my long-term health at risk by exposing my skin to nasty chemicals. Amazingly, right here in Santa Barbara, a new all-natural sunblock has been born. I first stumbled upon Avasol products at this year's Earth Day festivities and doubt I will ever use a different sunblock again. The stuff is gangbusters! Though not the most affordable of options, Avasol is more than worth the money. It delivers full-spectrum and truly water-resistant sun protection (I find I need to reapply every 90 minutes or so if I am surfing) via 100 percent bio-based ingredients. As an added bonus, the container itself is biodegradable and the block smells so good I am fairly certain small children will try to eat it. You can find Avasol at surf shops throughout the 805 or at avasol.com.


Sustainable Sun Protection
The sun is an almost daily part of our lives - particularly when you're lucky enough to live in Santa Barbara with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Whether you're surfing, running, or just having lunch outside, sunscreen is an essential unless you're into the leather look. If you're anything like us we loathe the chemicals in traditional protection but can't stand the freaky, whitish purple paste of the more "natural" varieties. What's a girl to do?
Please forgive us for being skeptical of trying yet another sustainable sunscreen. But we did and we were absolutely blown away by Avasol. We admit we had low expectations but this stellar sun-care is truly tops. It's natural and super effective for these active chicks and actually smells and feels really good. No glops, paste or putty here. We've switched to their tinted solid stick as our daily protection and it's just enough coverage to be all we need. And it even comes in a compostable tube.
Now you can protect your skin and love your planet.

[Review from www.santabarbaraskinny.com - September 18, 2013]

I just want to applaud you on a truly fantastic product! I have been using your face cream for a month now and it is not only great for sun protection, but my face is the clearest it's ever been. I have pretty good skin with the occasional breakout, and your face cream has just evened out my skin tone and I don't get blemishes nearly as often. What a pleasant side effect of protecting my fair skin!

I truly have never been so impressed with a facial product (and great customer service!)...it feels so nourishing, provides perfect coverage to replace makeup, yet feels breathable--plus keeps my skin clear and protected! It's a real winner, and that is what makes me share your company name with friends... spreading the joy of Avasol!
Thanks for the great product, you've got a loyal customer.
Walnut Creek, CA
- P.S. My boyfriend who is an avid surfer uses your stick every day in the water and loves it--he is the one who turned me on to your product. :)

This is my experience of your Avasol.  Bali as you know doesn't have many days without harsh sun, even in the rainy season.  Doing day to day errands and just going from point A to B on the scooter and motorway, its impossible to not get more than a fair share of sun exposure as well as dirt and grime from the roads, construction and pollutants.  Cover ups are one thing for the body, but it hadn't found anything for the face that made sense without breaking out.  I have sensitive skin so anything that clogs my pores, I immediately see problems on my skin.  The bottle you left me has been a god send! It not only blocks the sun, its beginning to correct my skin and act as a shield between me and the road grit.  All the dirt and soot that used to be on my face after a simple drive on the bypass, behind a big truck, is now blocked.  I don't use much but what I do use is definitely working.  Crows feet now look like little sparrow feet.  Thanks for leaving me your extra bottle.  It's great stuff.  Now, how to get it in Bali to all the leathery expats....

Bali Indonesia

The perfect Sunscreen--AT LAST!
I just have to send you this product rave and to say THANK YOU! I dropped by EC last week and picked up 2 tubes of Avasol sunscreen and it was the best money I ever spent. My family is a total pain to get sunscreen for and you have supplied our long awaited solution!  My daughter and I are both scent sensitive, my daughter more so because her sense of smell is still in youthful working order. Meanwhile, I have this ridiculously pale redhead skin, my husband works outdoors at least 4 days a week, and our daughter is happily outside most days at camp. We have tried every natural sunscreen on the market and this is the first one that we all agree smells good (real coconut with some cinnamon), goes on in a pleasant manner (not too oily or clumpy--it's very smooth), doesn't make us look like French Mimes (no stark white!! On my face, the Avasol almost doubles as a nice foundation!), and actually keeps us from getting burned! And we all LOVE that the tube can be composted when we're done!

THANK YOU!!!! I will definitely be back to buy more!

[update] I must tell you that as I was putting sunscreen on my daughter this morning, she was very excited to hear that [they] had forwarded our remarks to you. She normally fights us (crying and running away) at sunscreen time, but today she just stood there calmly and happily, musing about how you had come up with your wonderful sunscreen.  That moment of morning calm was worth any price. Thank you SOOOO much! We will be your loyal customers for life!

Many thanks,
Berkeley, CA

We are a sunburnt country [Australia] and need to apply lots of sunscreen, but the organic sunscreens (and we've tried all of them) don't work. They also come in plastic...

Yesterday, we received the most amazing gift from a friend! Avasol.

So thought out from the paper packaging to the material in the T shirt...

My family uses the sunscreen always. I asked them honestly what they thought and their response was that they love it, they love the smell, it's not too sticky and it works. As I think I mentioned, we have tried so many different sunscreens and none work. My husband ends up buying the toxic stuff which breaks my heart. I would ultimately like them not to be in the sun in the middle of the day but that is not an option whilst in training.

The kids today are becoming so toxic from what they eat to what they put on their skin to what they breathe and wear. Your product can start changing the masses who don't think about it.

Avasol is everything from thoughtful packaging to practical usage to tasteful design. And it works! (and smells amazing. It reminds us of Coppertone when we were kids).

It's so refreshing to come across a business who walks the walk and to see the care taken to the most minor detail.

Thank you.

Tania P.
Queensland, Australia 

Its hard for me not to share your product with everyone I meet. I use it as makeup . A ma zing ! This is what happens when a conscious being makes a conscious product . It heals on many levels . You rock!

[1 year later...]

I tell every woman I know to use this as concealer, makeup And sunscreen in one. It's all I use on my face and I swear I am reverse-aging . Amazing product - can't live without it. Tried tan and dark, but tan is the one for me! Perfect :) thank u !

Sherrie M.
Santa Barbara, CA 

Best sunscreen ever!! My skin looks so good and is so protected since I began using Avasol, no makeup is needed - and I am in my sixties!

Barbara K.
San Carlos, CA 

Avasol is the best sun protection product I have ever used, and the first product I've ever given my 100% recommendation. As an athlete who spends hours a day in the California sun, this is my sunscreen for life.  It works, it is good for my skin, it is pure, and it is the real deal. Avasol is my perfect sun protection. No hazardous chemicals, no breakouts, great texture, fabulous skin healing properties, long lasting and effective! My three kids use it daily as well - ocean swimming, pools, tennis courts....not a challenge for Avasol.  I feel good about putting Avasol on my skin and my children's skin. Sunscreen shouldn't be a health risk, and now I have found the answer I was always searching for in Avasol.  My sunscreen, my skin, my health, my choice. Simply the best sun protection product I've ever found. I look forward to using it daily as part of my skin regimen, and I have never been able to say that about any other sunscreen product I've tried.

Holly P.
Santa Barbara, CA 

As an athlete and a stuntman I live and work in a world where the unthinkable and amazing is expected. A world where once something is set and ready it must perform. There is not tolerance for mistakes. I demand much of myself and I demand more from the equipment and products I use. After trying your new sunscreen I have found that it performs to these high standards. I've discovered that Avasol performs better than any sunscreen I have ever used. Hands down. I love the fact that it is both safe and effective and that I can feel comfortable putting it on my children. My entire family, including all three kids use and love it. We're hooked.

Casey Pieretti -
Stuntman, Host, Actor, Athlete.

I always liked the smell of Sea 'n Ski, but I never liked how greasy it felt. Some of the newer lotions felt better going on but at the end of the day I felt grimy and polluted by plastic.  And they stung my eyes while surfing or painting.

I am reluctant to say this because it sounds like an infomercial, but Avasol has changed my life. I like how it smells.  I like that it doesn't feel greasy or toxic. At the end of a day in the sun my skin feels better, not worse, and it doesn't sting my eyes. I am bald, and it is the only sun block that allows me to surf in the middle of the day without a hat.

The more I use Avasol the more I like it.  It is surprising how useful the products are.  For example, I was painting on a remote beach when the wind died and the kelp flies started to attack me. I didn’t have any bug repellent and I was getting very frustrated when I thought about the Avasol products I did have in my truck.  I tried spraying some sanitizer on my arms and neck.  It worked. I was able to finish my painting without any problems from the flies.

Hank Pitcher,
Santa Barbara, CA

People have been telling me wonderful things about Avasol and all the positive response you've been getting. I used it for the first time on Saturday, and now I see what all the talk is about.

It was love at first use.

I feel like you've struck gold. You must know this too. It's nothing short of amazing what you've created. I can't remember ever being so impressed by a product I've used one time, and I've been surfing for 30 years.

I really have to get some more of your stuff. Holy shit it's good!

Jon R.
Santa Monica, CA 

 I started using Avasol a couple of weeks ago. Love the scent and the silky texture. Plus its high quality organic ingredients make it a safe product. Something very important for me. As a health practitioner I'm aware of the effects of toxic substances on our system. Avasol not only gives great protection from the sun. Also benefits my complexion, and improves its texture. Definitively part of my daily routine.

Ursula Schmidt, LAc

 I am sure you get this all of the time - but I am obsessed with your product, the sunblock, lotions, soaps, even hand sanitizer are all awesome and work tremendously well. I pretty much use the sunblock exclusively for surfing. I used it for a month straight in Auz/NZ surfing a few months back and did not get burnt once, had no stinging of the eyes, and only had to reapply 1-2 times daily!

I have had tremendous results with all Avasol products - I wholeheartedly believe in the brand.

Lincoln P.
Santa Barbara, CA
-Lifetime surfer/athlete/outdoor enthusiast/PhD student 

 I grew up in Hawaii and have surfed all my life back when no one was using sunscreen. Later I pursued a career as a tennis professional, so I was constantly outside in the elements. Having a dark olive skin color, I really never worried about sun exposure. Eventually the exposure caught up with me and I developed a skin condition called Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx that requires a steroid cream for correction. 

I finally have turned to using a sunscreen everyday. It has been a struggle to find a product that not only protected my face but at the end of the day also prevented my face from breaking out in a red flaky rash.

Since my introduction to AVASOL sunscreen I have not had to use the steroid cream because the AVASOL product has kept my skin condition from flaring up after sun exposure. I feel that because AVASOL is an all natural product, that there are no irritants and that I am finally doing my skin justice.

Tom S.
Bend Oregon

Surfing and swimming each day under the Hawaiian sun is the most severe test for any sunscreen. Like most surfers, I have used countless varieties of sunscreens over the years. When a friend offered to let me try his new, natural, organic sunscreen I was excited yet skeptical. How could a natural, organic sunscreen protect my skin over the strong chemical based sunscreens that scientists have created? To my surprise, this new sunscreen worked better and felt better on my skin than any sunscreen I have ever used. And, because of the fragrance and feel, I was pleasantly surprised to find my two young boys eagerly wanting to apply the sunscreen! That's right, for the first time, my children were eager to apply sunscreen!
Now that I am using Avasol every day it makes me happy to have a product I believe in and one that relies on all natural ingredients to protect people from the sun.

 - Rick Sharp
Artist - Surfer

I am a tennis professional.  My first priority for the past 25 years has been seeking protection from the Sun's damaging rays.  For years I have been disappointed with the sun protection products on the market. Even those that have boasted being natural and safe for your skin. My search is over, you guys really get it!  From the helpful (not harmful) ingredients to the biodegradable packaging. My children love the fragrance and the ease of application. Thank you so much for your passion to protect our sun exposed bodies. Your product is the BEST.

Crandall Edwards
USPTA Professional

Avasol by far the best sunscreen I have used. We field tested it at Burning Man this year and our camp loved the product.
Really looking forward to see this grow into a successful and socially responsible company.


I have been using your sunscreen just about every surf session and I really like it. It protects my skin for hours in the water, its easy to apply, safe-non toxic, and does not adversely effect the skin (I.e. clog up pores etc. as other blocks do that can cause skin blemishes), it smells good, and one stick lasts a long time. Probably the most important is that it is SAFE for the skin/user and for the environment.

-Chris M

After 3 months of use, I really like Avalsol as a maximum sunblock. Amazingly, it also cleared Xxxxxx Xxx on my arm! Thanks!

Brian E.