"I am a fair skinned surfer that has lived in Hawaii my entire life. I’ve used a million sunscreens throughout my 40+ years surfing. I feel that the industry as well as surfers have gone through this learning curve over the last couple decades of what’s functional and safe. I feel Avasol is by far the best product out there.

First of all, I can tell you that I get sunburn very easily and I’m in the water every single day. Their face stick works unbelievably well. The fact that it’s made with all natural products is really a good feeling. Especially since I am shellacking the stuff on my skin every single day, it’s a relieving feeling that I’m being protected without the harmful and abrasive stuff that other products have.

Also, I really love that they committed to an environmentally friendly package. We all use sunscreens, chapsticks, and all kinds of stuff that we toss after we’re done. It’s nice to know that when you’re done with an Avasol stick, you’re just throwing away cardboard and paper. I’m extremely proud to be a small part of their team and can tell you with zero hesitation that you should go out and try this sunscreen to see for yourself. Stoked!" 

- Ross Williams (Former World Tour Surfer; WSL Commentator; World-Class Surf Coach)

"I want everyone to know about the MOST amazing sunscreen I’ve been using the past couple years. I had extremely bad skin damage on my face from the sun that was worsening everyday at work, until I tried Avasol. Once I started using the face stick not only was I no longer burnt after 8 hours at work (of walking the beach doing preventions, training on the beach, water patrols and surfing), but the sun spots on my face had started shrinking!!! After three years of daily use my sun spots have disappeared and I never get sunburn any more.

Avasol is the first and only sunscreen I stand by after 11years of lifeguarding, it’s good for me and our planet. Avasol is mineral based, all natural AND the face stick comes in biobased packaging! Do yourself and the earth a favor"

-Kaiulani Bowers (Oahu Beach Lifeguard)

"I feel so lucky to be an ambassador for Avasol. More than applying a mineral sunscreen, every time I glide my Avasol stick across my cheekbones, I feel like I’m renewing my commitment to making sustainable, healthy decisions for my body and the waterbodies we cherish.

Avasol is made with the purest ingredients — even the packaging is biobased! As a social ecologist, I explore the interrelationships between our human societies and our ecosystems, and Avasol, to me, is the perfect illustration of understanding living in a social-ecological system where everything is interconnected.

I’m the founder of a small nonprofit called Beyond the Surface. We collaborate with rural students from small-scale fishing villages using surfing, storytelling, and mindfulness as Positive Youth Development tools for young learners to grow up resilient and embody social-ecological well-being for flourishing oceans, lakes, rivers, and people.

I love seeing the reactions of the kids we work with when they apply Avasol on their faces for the first time! Everyone loves how it smells — “like cookies on my face!” — and feels!

I absolutely love Avasol."

-Emi Koch (Founder of Beyond the Surface International; National Geographic Fellow)

"It is so hard to find a natural sunscreen that actually works. I can say this because I have first hand tried what seems like every company out there. I have fairish skin, and also love spending time in the sun - two things that normally don’t go well together. If you know me you know how obsessive I am about sunscreen use on my face. I have researched a lot of sunscreen companies in order to find one that works for my life full of excessive sun exposure. The result? Avasol. 

I first discovered Avasol about 5 years ago when one of my friends left a sample of it in my car. I used it surfing that day and DID NOT GET SUNBURNT after a 2 hour session. After that I did some research on the company and the ingredients used, I saw how sustainable it was and have been hooked ever since. I go through a lot of sunscreen with my lifestyle and it feels good to know that every stick used is made with bio-based packaging and clean ingredients.

A few years back, I did a 6 month road trip through Mexico with some friends and we made a movie about it, called “The Scenic Route to Salina.” On the trip we made it a mission to avoid any single use plastics we could. Avasol was kind enough to help out and provide us with 6 months worth of sunscreen. It felt good knowing that stick after stick of sunscreen used was fully bio-based, because we went through a lot of in that hot Mexican sun."

-Tessa Timmons (O'Neill Team Rider; Competitive Surfer; Model)

"A friend let me borrow his stick many years ago. I went out and surfed for probably 5 hours and didn’t get burnt at all.

I was blown away that a natural sunscreen could work so well. I found Avasol on instagram and they were kind enough to send me a care package. I haven’t used anything else since. Best sunscreen on earth!" 

-Matt Meola (Pro Surfer)

"I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawai’i. Growing up here with two ocean-loving parents, it was inevitable that I spent my life on and in the water. I grew up participating and competing in most water sports here on the islands. Whether it was paddle boarding from Molokai to Oahu, or traveling the nation for Olympic flatwater K-1 kayaking, I was always experiencing nature's elements. I started professionally surfing for a company called Patagonia over 20 years ago, traveling the world testing products and documenting my adventures.

I have been using Avasol for almost a decade, and I honestly wouldn’t turn back. I love the texture and the coverage. It’s very important for me that sunscreen stays on for the whole time I’m in the water for protection, and Avasol does just that.

Growing up I had always used sunscreen, but there weren’t really any natural or reef-safe companies on the market back then. I’m so happy now there are more options that are gearing towards keeping the environment in mind.

I start off with the Avasol liquid sunscreen for my body and face, then add the solid stick to my face for extra protection. I love the ingredients and also the packaging. Avasol focuses on not only the ingredients, but also our responsibility to keep our health and the health of the planet in mind. We have an eight year old daughter and for me it’s very important to use products that are safe for her and that is another reason why I support Avasol."

-Crystal Thornburg-Homcy (Patagonia Ambassador, Director/Producer, all around Waterwoman)

"After over 40 years of getting scorched by the sun, in and out of the water, I can finally say I have found the best sunscreen. A truly earth and health-conscious sunscreen that actually nourishes the skin. My work revolves around water rescue and being exposed to the elements for long periods of time. This product has been put to the test!!! I have researched every product I can get my hands on and work closely with a few people who have resorted to making their own. I share my Avasol with all my friends and coworkers. In fact our local surf shop, Prooflab, can’t even keep it on the shelf!!! I absolutely love your sunblock, and more importantly so do our kids! Thank you for developing a quality product that works!

-Shane Long, NorCal surfer / Water Safety Enthusiast"

"Avasol has allowed me to live my dreams adventuring on a sailboat and surfing all over the world without poisoning my body or the ocean to protect myself from the sun. I first tried Avasol in 2012 and never looked back. Natural sunscreen that my skin actually loves, in biobased packaging--yes please!! Now it's hard to believe that I ever used chemical sunscreens--even the smell of them on others is overwhelming to me. When you're in the sun as much as I am, choosing a sustainable sunscreen can add up to make a big positive difference for the planet, and for my body!"

-Liz Clark (Patagonia Ambassador, Author, Activist)

"You could say I’m part mermaid because I practically live in the ocean. I love surfing, free diving, and traveling around the world. Being in the sun constantly takes a heavy toll on the skin. I spent a couple years testing out different sunscreens and some would make my skin break out and others I’d still get sunburnt. Then one day at a surf contest in Ventura, CA my friend had an Avasol stick and I gave it a try. I was instantly shocked at how it gave me a glowing tan and I felt so pretty with it on surfing. Then a couple hours later I wasn’t burnt at all! I had finally discovered a great sunscreen.

I looked it up when I got home and found out they are sustainable and I instantly fell in love. Having such a passion for surfing and the ocean I find it so important to support brands that also feel that way. Avasol is such an incredible company because they support the oceans health, beauty, and overall biodiversity by promoting sustainability.

Avasol is more than just a sunscreen. If I had to describe Avasol in one way I’d say, It’s like a dolphin just swam up to you and gave you a big kiss on the forehead and said, “Thank you for using clean ingredients!” The overall health of the ocean and its marine life is dependent on us. Our actions and brands we decide to use directly impact the ocean. Avasol is reef safe and 100% bio-based meaning their ingredients are the safest they can find for the ocean!"

-Kayla Burke (Student, Competitive Surfer, Ocean Steward)

"My name is Jeff Cheney. I’m a model, free surfer and brand ambassador based in Japan. I discovered Avasol in Bali when I asked Taina, one of the local girls, what she uses since she’s in the sun all the time, and there’s so many different zincs on Bali, it’s hard to find one that works and that’s easy to use. I’ve tried some Japanese ones in the past that didn’t work, which gave me permanent sunburns under my cheek bones for like two years, and the sunspots would show in photos during jobs; not good.

On a recent trip to Indo, I used Avasol before every surf at locations like Sumbawa, West Java, and on Bali, surfing anywhere from 2-6 hours at a time, and I never once felt that burnt stretchy feeling on my face after surfing. You don’t even need to use that much for full protection, and one stick would last me close to a month of surfing everyday, two times a day.

I make sure to get the area around the eyes, the forehead, and nose. Anywhere wrinkles can form on your face. I’m in my 30’s, and I wish I was more conscious of this when I was a grom. Avasol would have been great to have during my water polo days. Avasol is great for swimmers too, not just surfers. Once you mark the money spots, the material is easy to spread across the rest of the entire face like butter.

The push-pop style packaging is also great and super portable. No plastics. Then I learned the company is close to my hometown in California, so it’s one of those products that gets better and better the more you use it. Thanks to Drifter at Bingin for stocking them, I will most definitely pick more up on my next surf trip out there!!"

-Jeff Cheney (Model and surfer)

"I’ve became friends with Chris and the Avasol family on the search for a better sunscreen for my health and the environment. With a history of melanoma skin cancer in my family, I’m grateful to have found a sunscreen that works for my lifestyle in the ocean all day and also a good choice for the reef.

I’ve been using Avasol for a decade and it’s the only sunscreen I put on my skin and my favorite reef safe sunscreen to recommend- especially for those with a health conscious lifestyle around the ocean!"

-Zane Schweitzer (Professional Surfer, Ultimate Waterman)

"I discovered Avasol when I was nine years old. I had just entered in my first ever surf contest; the Lakey Peterson Keiki Bowl at Leadbetter Beach in my hometown, Santa Barbara. As a short-board grom, Lakey had always been my surf idol from a young age.

"At the meet and greet station, Lakey was drawing cool designs on kids faces with Avasol! I was so stoked. It felt like I was being initiated into a cool club that only us kids and her shared."

Funny enough, the Avasol sunscreen actually brought us together! Ever since then I’ve been hooked on this sunscreen, and my whole family also uses it. Eight years of loyalty to Avasol, and many more to come. We love Avasol!"

-Rebecca Jamgochian (Student; Competitive Surfer; Bodyglove, Carve, & Wayne Rich Teamrider)

"I am a surfer and graduate student. I have a passion for learning to live in harmony with nature and spreading that knowledge to others.

I use sunscreen every day! I spend a lot of time in the water, and I need something I can trust is safe for my body and the planet.

My favorite thing about Avasol is their mission statement as a company. Avasol is a better, safer, and more earth-friendly choice. As a student studying humans, health, and medicine over the years, I know that what we choose to buy and wear on our bodies makes a difference.

I first was first introduced to Avasol 7 years ago by some friends back when I was going to school in Santa Barbara. As soon as I tried it, there was no going back. I was hooked!

My favorite way to apply Avasol is to use the environmental defense cream as an initial barrier, and then I like to add the SPF 50 surfer’s barrier stick on top. I apply it over my entire face, my ears, and even on the tops of my hands!

I think Avasol is better than other brands because of their choice to prevent packaging pollution. They choose to use biobased, refillable, and low-plastic packaging! Their formulas don’t contain any fillers, additives, or synthetic materials, which I really like.

Avasol has given me confidence as a surfer and student by protecting myself and the planet."

-Darla Chenin (Surfer and Graduate student)

"I discovered Avasol about 5 years ago when I realised that as a surfer, I should be wearing sunscreen. I went to every natural store in San Diego and then I found avasol at Lazy Acres. I loved that it was tinted and when I tried it, it stayed on my face my entire surf and beyond. I was basically hooked.

It didn't look like I was wearing sunscreen, even when I caked it on to surf for longer hours. I then started just using it as my makeup as well. Most makeups dry out your skin and use harsh chemicals.

Fast forward 5 years and I've taken Avasol around the world with me and have never used another sunscreen. The best thing I can say is that it is the only sunscreen I found not to run off my face and into my eyes, all while having a very clean ingredient list. I highly recommend it for not only surfing but day to day use, I even use it as makeup at night when I go out! I hardly go a day without using Avasol!"

-Bree Brooks (Artist)

"Whether it’s a solid stick or a lotion, Avasol has the sun protection you want with the kinds of real ingredients you deserve. If you’re into fresh, local, and organic, you’ll love Avasol. If you care about what you and your loved ones put on your body, you’ll love Avasol. If you care about how the products you use affect every other living thing on our planet, you’ll love Avasol. If you want sunscreen that has several industry firsts to its name, you’ll love Avasol. Even if all you want is a plain old, better sunscreen that just works and feels good, you’ll find Avasol is the ticket."

-Natasha Hudson (Actress, Model, Surfer, Humanitarian Activist)