Sustainable Sunscreen designed to protect you and our environment.

Avasol Ambassador Leah Dawson


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Reef-Safe and Non-Nano

Available in Both Stick and pouch form

Adventure Approved.

Avasol Ambassador Liz Clark

One with The Ocean

Avasol Ambassador Ross Williams

What our Avasol Tribe is Saying


"Avasol is more than just a sunscreen. In just one phrase, It’s like a dolphin just swam up to you and gave you a big kiss on the forehead and said, “Thank you for using clean ingredients!”

Kayla Burke

Santa Cruz, CA


"It's so hard to find a natural sunscreen that actually works. I have researched a lot of sunscreen companies in order to find one that works for my outdoors lifestyle. The result? Avasol."

Tessa Timmons

San Diego, CA


"I discovered Avasol in Bali when I asked one of the local girls what she uses since she's in the sun all the time. On that trip, I used Avasol everywhere I went, surfing anywhere from 2-6 hours at a time, and I never once felt that burnt stretchy feeling on my face."

Jeff Cheney

Tokyo, Japan


"Avasol is the first and only sunscreen I standby after 11 years of Lifeguarding. After 3 years of daily Avasol use my sun spots have dissappeared and I never get sunburn anymore."

Kaiulani Bowers

Oahu, HI


"After over 40 years of getting scorched by the sun, in and out of the water, I can finally say I have found the best sunscreen. A truly earth and health-conscious sunscreen that actually nourishes the skin."

Shane Long

Leemore, California


"I feel so lucky to be an ambassador for Avasol. More than applying a mineral sunscreen, every time I glide my Avasol stick across my cheekbones, I feel like I’m renewing my commitment to making sustainable, healthy decisions for my body and the waterbodies we cherish."

Emi Koch

San Diego, CA


"A friend let me borrow his stick many years ago. I went out and surfed for probably 5 hours and didn’t get burnt at all. I was blown away that a natural sunscreen could work so well. I haven’t used anything else since. Best sunscreen on Earth!"

Matt Meola

Maui, HI


"I have been using Avasol for almost a decade, and I honestly wouldn’t turn back. I love the texture and the coverage. It’s very important for me that sunscreen stays on for the whole time I’m in the water for protection, and Avasol does just that."

Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

Oahu, HI


"I am a fair-skinned surfer that has lived in Hawaii my entire life. I’ve used a million sunscreens throughout my 40+ years surfing. I feel Avasol is by far the best product out there. I’m extremely proud to be a small part of their team and can tell you with zero hesitation that you should go out and try this sunscreen to see for yourself."

Ross Williams

Oahu, Hawaii

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