Product Profile: What is Barrier Cream?

Product Profile: What is Barrier Cream?
Born from both an accidental discovery and the need for a solution that simply didn’t exist, it was discovered that Avasol sunscreen provided a uniquely effective barrier cream for amputees' skin-to-prosthesis interface. Amputees face a constant challenge protecting their residual limbs from painful "hotspots" - points of pressure and friction where the skin of the residual limb meets the prosthetic. 
The origin story of the Barrier Cream begins with a customer, who is an amputee/athlete, who accidentally discovered that the sunscreen stick performed better than any other product that he had ever tried as a barrier cream - and he had tried everything. He reported that it even quickly relieved the typical lesions caused by the friction of his prosthetics. This led us to formulate an amputee-specific product. Six months and lots of organic, unrefined oils later, Avasol's first edition Barrier Cream was born. Ever since, it has been used and widely praised by numerous amputees. 
Fast forward a few years... we were approached by Special Operations Forces medical staff who wanted to test the product on non-amputees in their training environment. Their requirements are extremely rigorous, so we went back to the drawing board to boost the existing Barrier Cream formula, and perfected it to deal with extreme conditions. The product exceeded their expectations.

Finally, a personal experience with a bad case of poison oak that failed to completely heal, or to respond to cortisone (or anything the dermatologist recommended for that matter), led to the search for a sustainable, botanical  alternative to Corticosteroids. Few realize that Corticosteroids (such as Cortizone) can only be taken for short periods and that the side effects can persist long after you stop using them. The new additions to the Barrier Cream formula worked as well, if not better than anything else. The new Barrier Cream formula now felt both more complete and totally unique.

Since Avasol started 12 years ago, we have experimented with cutting-edge science, uniting it with green chemistry. The amazing ingredients in the Barrier Cream are just part of this story. The various forms of each ingredient, where they are sourced, and how they are processed, extracted and combined make a very real difference as compared to over-the-counter alternatives. Using ultrasound to extract the components of Barrier Cream - which are pure, organic, unrefined oils - we found that the basic effectiveness, bioavailability and bioactivity are progressively enhanced with this high-tech processing method. The results speak for themselves.

Try out Barrier Cream today and see the magic for yourself!

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