The Magic of Killalea

The Magic of Killalea

"As our country and the rest of the world becomes more focused on the coastal lifestyle we must ensure we preserve and protect our unique beaches so that future generations may have the pleasure we enjoy now. The Farm is one such unique place, and deserves to be preserved as it is for our children and grandchildren." - Mark Richards (4x World Surfing Champion)

The Story of Killalea

Killalea, also know as "The Farm," was exactly that; a private property farm, atop a biodiverse headland that just so happened to overlook dreamy waves. The natural park gained popularity as a surf spot when Robert August and Mike Hynson visited in Bruce Brown's iconic 1966 surf movie, Endless Summer. When developers tried to buy the land to build homes atop it, the local community banded together to protest the development. Thanks to the help of the Southbridge Boardrider’s Club, locals were successfully able to protect the land from all future development, bestowing the title of a National Surfing Reserve upon Killalea in all its glory.

Killalea is of ecological importance due to its unique range of multiple different ecosystems within just an 8 kilometer stretch of coast. Ecologists and students alike travel from near and far to study the land and marvel at its treasures. The land was first occupied by the Dharwal Nation. These aboriginals, the original stewards of this sacred land, enjoyed it for its abundance of food and areas for women’s business via agriculture. 


Killalea is home to two pristine waves: a long rolling wave called The Farm (affectionately named after the farm that used to be the only entrance), and a peaky beachbreak called Mystics (named for the mystical aura in the air when it was discovered).  

Today, the spot remains protected for generations to come and enjoy the natural beauty and perfect waves. The magic of Killalea is that thanks to its south-facing direction, on a day where all nearby spots are blown out and swell-less, Killalea can be offshore and pumping. We experienced this magic firsthand, and we were lucky enough to score it rolling perfectly offshore, with no one out (which is virtually unheard of nowadays!). 

“The Beauty about this little nook is that one can literally go back in time, to a time and space that many coastal communities can only reminisce about. That is why the recreational surfers, the members of the Southbridge Boardriders Club and the local community are working so hard to have this beach gazetted as a National Surfing Reserve. To my mind The Farm is an iconic Aussie surf break, it represents the soul of Australian surfing, the very image of this area takes us back to simpler days when enjoying the pristine coastal environment was what life was all about.

It is places like The Farm that underpin the very essence of a lifestyle that has become synonymous with Australia as a nation. This is what we are about, this country is so blessed to have these amazing works of nature. The Farm is a rare gem nestled within an awesome stretch of coastline. Let us keep it this way.” - Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew (former president, ASP International)

The story of Killalea reveals the power in a collective eco-consciousness and signifies the sanctity of green spaces. Australian culture is centered on worshiping and protecting nature - this is why you can hardly drive more than 20 minutes without coming across a national park or reserve. The Australian coastline, although developed in some areas, is largely a pristine expanse, untouched by modern civilization. This is only thanks to the past and present stewards of the land who fight to keep it protected.

As a eco-conscious company, we encourage everyone to adopt this mindset of protecting green spaces from succumbing to the pressures of society and becoming covered in concrete. We empower groups that protect these spaces, which is why we have a nonprofit, The Avasol Foundation, that works with other nonprofits to raise awareness about ecological conservation. And we continue to educate the public as to how we can each make a difference, one little stick of bio-based sunscreen at a time.

Thank you Killalea for reminding us of the beauty of sessions that are just us, the surf, and the Earth.

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