Reduce Your Single Use! A Daily Guide to Plastic-Free Living

Reduce Your Single Use! A Daily Guide to Plastic-Free Living

Good Morning! Would you like some coffee with your plastic?

Each moment of the day we’re faced with the decision to use single-use plastic. But if we come prepared, we don’t have to give in to this systemic issue. This guide aims to take you through daily swaps you can make to gradually phase out your single-use plastic use, and move towards a reduced-plastic lifestyle!

Wake Up! Rethink your Dental Routine with BITE

Did you know that every toothpaste tube you've ever thrown out is still out there? That's why we love BITE (Because It's For The Earth). All of their products are plastic free, infinitely refillable and made with clean ingredients (unlike most that are made with harsh chemicals). Once you finish your plastic toothpaste tube, flosser, mouthwash and toothbrush, switch to BITE for a plastic-free dental routine!

Surf's Up! Rethink your Sun Protection with Avasol

When sunburn is at stake, plastic consumption is usually not a part of the normal sunscreen-user’s thought-process. It’s easy to disregard the packaging of the products we use, but they are often the biggest plastic culprits. Sunscreen in particular is a prime example of a packaging that often gets left behind and washed into the ocean. That’s why we choose Avasol. Avasol’s paperboard sunscreen tube was the first of its kind when introduced 12 years ago, and they continue to pioneer win-win solutions for people and the planet. Avasol’s high-performance, water-wicking and long-lasting sunscreen is made with a host of organic skin superfoods, and absolutely no chemicals. Even if you accidentally leave yours behind on the beach, you can rest assured that it won’t contribute to the plastics problem!

Clean Up! Rethink your Cleaning with WildClean

Meet WildClean: one of the first and only certified plastic-negative cleaning brands that wipes away grit, grime, and soap scum with wild abandon and—making your home and the planet a cleaner place. Rest assured, their products are just as effective as the big planet-killing cleaners and just as non-toxic as your ‘environmentally friendly’ brands. WildClean works by mixing plant based cleaning powders with water in their "forever bottles." The bottles are made from 100% up-cycled plastic, and the packets of cleaner come in 100% compostable packaging. They've truly thought of everything for a plastic-free cleaning routine!

Party Up! Rethink your Parties and BBQ's with Repurpose

Think about all the summer barbecues, picnics, parties... now think about all the plastic that accompanies each one. Repurpose's mission is simple: "More party less landfill." They do so by making a promise to deliver 100% compostable tableware, kitchenware and drinkware. All Repurpose products are made from upcycled, non-toxic, renewable materials. Feel good about your social gatherings knowing they're not contributing to plastic in our landfills and oceans!

Cook Up! Rethink your Kitchen Storage with Stasher

When packing essentials of any kind, it’s easy to be a creature of habit and pack them in plastic. With the advent of Stasher bags, it's time to redefine our habits. Stasher Bags are a healthier alternative to plastic bags that don’t sacrifice functionality. If anything, they are even more functional - they’re endlessly reusable, versatile, and even microwaveable! The leak-free pinch seal makes them great for packing anything inside without worry, and when you’re ready to clean them, they can simply be thrown in the dishwasher! One Stasher bag alone keeps 260 plastic bags out of the ocean each year. Imagine if we all switched to Stashers! So far, Stasher has saved 5.5 billion single-use plastic bags from entering the ocean.

Eat Up! Rethink your Lunchbox with The Bamboo Straw Co.

Every day, 50 million plastic straws are used in the US alone. Yes, you read that right. Plastic utensils are some of the most notorious culprits of the plastic pollution problem. It’s so easy to say yes to using them when they’re offered, but if we come prepared we can be a part of the solution instead of the problem. The Bamboo Straw Co makes beautiful bamboo cutlery and straws, with linen or cotton travel pouches. All their products are made from trimming the tops of bamboo, which is the fastest growing and most sustainable plant in the world. Plastic who?

Fill Up! Rethink your Shopping with Refill Stores

At the end of the day, the ultimate solution to plastic-free, zero-waste living is the refill revolution! Bulk refill stores are popping up everywhere, giving consumers the option to buy in bulk and package their goods in glass bottles or reusable pouches. This reduces the demand on our often faulty recycling systems and eliminates waste from the ground up!

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