Interview With OceanFolx

Interview With OceanFolx

Here at Avasol we love to support people who are contributing to their community as environmentalists in the surfing world!

We recently partnered up with OceanFolx, a surf, sailing and yoga camp for young water womxn taking place in Lombok, Indonesia in April 2024 by providing sunscreen for all their camp participants. 

OceanFolx’s program includes environmental education, including conscious consumerism. Our purchasing power affects the environment and the future depends on prioritizing people and our planet over profit. We especially love that  OceanFolx runs programs at cost, meaning that they are offering the most affordable price they can to eliminate barriers to access. Maddy will also be cycling across Canada to fundraise an OceanFolx scholarship. Donate HERE to support, and make OceanFolx possible for a local girl in Lombok.

Read on to learn more about the founders of the OceanFolx program and get inspired to build a community and follow your own passions!

We caught up with Founder Maddy Bolt to learn more about the inspiration behind OceanFolx.

1. Tell us the story behind OceanFolx: what is its intention, and how did it get started?

Creating has always been my passion. I've always known that I wanted to bring together all of my interests and start my own program. My love for surfing, sailing, and preserving the ocean inspired me to start OceanFolx. This program is designed to empower young women and provide a safe space for girls to develop their leadership skills. I finally saw my dream come to life during my recent trip to Lombok. The local community captured my heart, and I knew that I could make a difference by creating OceanFolx.

2. How did the group of OceanFolx leaders come together?

I met Rachael while surfing in Indonesia. We quickly bonded over our shared interests in sustainability, mindfulness, and surfing. After spending time together in the water, I shared my idea for OceanFolx with her and asked if she would be interested in joining as a yoga instructor. 

Yuliya and I studied Marine Biology together in Vancouver and later worked in a small surf town in Canada. We taught school groups about the ocean through a local non-profit both in and out of the water. She is so incredibly passionate about ocean conservation and I am so excited about her role spearheading our sustainability portion of the program. 

I met Michelle, who runs the amazing Milk Espresso in Kuta, Lombok for the first time 6 years ago. We first met during a surf trip and have enjoyed many coffee conversations and laughs since then. Her experience in business and entrepreneurship has impressed me, and I asked her to join our team as a coach for goal-setting and empowering women.

Lastly, Natalie and I connected over our passion for empowering the Cuban surf community. We both admired an incredible female surf leader from Havana and bonded over our appreciation for her work at various fundraisers. When she learned I needed another female captain and surfer for OceanFolx, it was an easy decision to team up.

3. How did you discover Avasol, and why did you choose to partner with us?

While I was most recently surfing in Indonesia, I was on the hunt for a sunscreen that was both sustainable and gentle on my skin. I needed something that would work well in and out of the water. Luckily, a friend recommended Avasol and it absolutely exceeded my expectations! This natural, plant-based sunscreen not only met all of my sustainability requirements, but it also worked like a charm while I was out surfing. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about my new discovery and won't be going back to my old brand anytime soon.

4. How does your mission align with Avasol’s?

I firmly believe that preserving our environment and using natural products is crucial for the well-being of our planet and future generations. That's why I align with organizations that share this belief and take concrete actions toward sustainability. For example, Avasol not only creates eco-friendly products of exceptional quality but also supports local communities while empowering outstanding female brand ambassadors such as Liz Clark and Leah Dawson. By partnering with Avasol, OceanFolx and Avasol strive together to effectuate positive change and advocate for a clean, ocean-friendly lifestyle. 

5. What topics will you bring into the discussion of sustainability during the OceanFolx program?

Our program will prioritize promoting a plastic-free lifestyle, encouraging citizen science engagement, and educating on ocean conservation. We aim to educate our participants on how their daily actions can make a positive impact on the ocean, both during and after the program. Additionally, we will emphasize intersectional environmentalism and discuss the importance of mindful sustainability work in different communities.

6. Where do you see OceanFolx in the next year? 5 years? 10 years?

We aim to organize annual programs in Lombok and broaden their scope to include other age ranges. We are also exploring the possibility of developing programs for male youth in the future. Our ultimate goal is to empower as many young individuals as possible.

We think it will be an amazing experience for all the participants! If you feel inspired to learn more about OceanFolx you can check them out Here



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