Avasol Story Spotlight: Cuban Surfers

Avasol Story Spotlight: Cuban Surfers

You might know that Cuba has some epic surf, but did you know that Cuba doesn't have any surf shops? This may not seem like an issue for your average nomadic surfer who comes to the island equipped to-the-nines, but for locals, the lack of equipment access makes surfing a treacherous endeavor. Think about it - under the hot Cuban sun, just having a board won't suffice. Before paddling out, you need full body protection from the sun, unless you want to get scorched - putting surfers at higher risk for skin cancer time after time...

When Cuban surfer Julio Cesar reached out to us and brought this issue to our attention, we knew it was our duty to help out in whatever way we could. As a corporation and a nonprofit, we are constantly donating nearly just as much product as we are selling. Check out Julio's testimonial below to learn how you can support surfers in Cuba.


SPANISH: "Hola! Mi nombre es Julio Cesar. Soy un surfista Cubano. Nuestra pequeña comunidad de surfista Cubanos siempre ha velado por el cuidado del planeta y nos sentimos agradecidos de que existan marcas como Avasol, ya que sus propiedades son 100% seguras para nuestra piel y para la naturaleza. Además, Avasol se congenia a la perfeccion con el clima húmedo y tropical de esta isla."

ENGLISH: "Hello! My name is Julio Cesar. I'm a Cuban surfer. Our small community of Cuban surfers has always fought for the protection of the planet and we feel grateful that brands such as Avasol exist, whose components are 100% safe for our skin and for nature. Plus, Avasol works perfectly in the tropical and humid climate of this island."

SPANISH: "Además de nuestros días de surf, también organizamos recogidas de desechos en la playa en los que participan niños, adultos y ancianos donde utilizamos Avasol para cuidar nuestro rostro mientras disfrutamos fomentar interés en la participacion y mejora del medio ambiente, además del conocimiento de la cultura del surf en cuba"

ENGLISH: "Aside from our surf days, we also organize beach cleanups, in which kids, adults and senior citizens all participate. We use Avasol to protect our face while we enjoy cultivating interest in the participation and bettering of our climate, and also acknowledging Cuba's surf culture."

SPANISH: "Se nos hace difícil poder hacer surf aqui ya que no tenemos tiendas donde podamos acceder a los accesorios que nos permiten practicar este deporte, dependemos de donaciones y tratamos de desarrollarnos con lo que tenemos. Independientemente de esto, somos muy felices por lo que hacemos y por las buenas energias que brindamos a todos. Muchas Gracias Avasol por ayudar a nuestra comunidad a protegerse del sol!!!"

ENGLISH: "It's difficult to be able to surf here since we don't have shops where we can find accessories that allow us to practice this sport. We depend on donations and we try to make the most of what we have. Independently of this, we are very happy for what we are doing and the good energies we bring to everyone. Many thanks Avasol for helping our community protect ourselves from the sun!!!"

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