Avasol Story Highlight: Josh Bogle, Finding True North

Avasol Story Highlight: Josh Bogle, Finding True North

Josh Bogle defies all odds. A decade ago, Josh lost all four of his limbs. In 2018, he picked up surfing and quickly rose to excellence as a world-class adaptive surfer. What's more, as of 2021 he is the first quadruple amputee to surf standing up on prosthetic legs. Josh is on a mission to fulfill his dream to become a para-surfing world champ and a big wave surfer. Through his story, he hopes to encourage audiences to never give up on themselves, have gratitude for life and give back to the ocean & environment around us all.

We had the pleasure of meeting Josh while on the North Shore. His radiance and lust for life is infectious, and he is truly one of the most positive people we have ever met.

When we heard Josh's story, we felt compelled to amplify his cause. As a warrior who has fought not only for his own life, but that of the planet as well, Josh is the living embodiment of Avasol's values. Josh is working with cinematographer Matty Schweitzer to create a documentary following his journey, titled "Finding True North." Help the documentary become a reality by using this link to donate!

"I have used Avasol for years as my go to mineral/ reef safe sunscreen!! So I was super stoked to bump into the Avasol crew on the north shore!! Bonus gift time, new product Barrier Cream…. the crew literally flagged me down before I paddled out to test try this new cream.. It works great and I stayed out for hours!! Second bonus, I am a triple amputee & this barrier cream is perfect for prosthetic limbs & sleeves!"

Josh got to try out our new Barrier Cream, and give us feedback as we gear up to release it! His rating? 10/10!

"Epic company doing really cool things & the stuff stays on for hours!!! Totally stoked to see the world find out about this new magic cream!! Try it out 🌈🤙🏽"

Avasol's Barrier Cream is a multipurpose chafe cream that was originally created for amputees and Special Operations Forces- it creates a protective film on skin, reducing friction and protecting skin under extreme conditions, without using any toxic, or synthetic ingredients.


Josh represents the spirit of Avasol: his commitment to make the world a better place, socially and environmentally; his authentic drive to live a loving life, despite whatever circumstances; and his exuberantly positive approach to life.

Thank you Josh for inspiring us and countless others around the world. Keep on radiating the love for life!

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