Avasol Ambassador Spotlight: Ramon Navarro

Avasol Ambassador Spotlight: Ramon Navarro

Warrior of the Waves Ramon Navarro is no stranger to sun. As a Chilean big wave surfer and activist, he's devoted his life to braving the biggest of waves and climates. With that, comes hours of time exposed to nature's strongest elements. Avasol has allowed Ramon to pursue his passion of riding big waves, and his purpose in protecting them from coastal destruction.

Ramon, also a Patagonia ambassador, is revered for his performances in big wave surf, surfing in prestigious events such as The Eddie Aikau. He's also received recognition for his activist work in saving Chile's Punta de Lobos with Save the Waves Coalition, and marine conservation projects with Parley for the Oceans. Follow Ramon on his journey @surfnavarro as he continues to inspire waves of change!

English: "Since the first time I tried it a couple of years ago, Avasol is the only sunscreen I trust. I've used the Surfer's Stick every day since, and now use it together with the Repair and Barrier Cream."

Spanish: "Desde la primera vez que la encontré hace unos años, Avasol es el unico protector solar en que me confio. He usado el Surfer's Stick todos los días, y ahora lo uso junto con el Repair and Barrier Cream."


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