Avasol Ambassador Interview Series: Sunny Kazama & The 'Iolani Surf Team

Avasol Ambassador Interview Series: Sunny Kazama & The 'Iolani Surf Team

Meet Sunny, a surfer, community activator and aspiring eco-entrepreneur... at just 16 years old. Hailing from Oahu's wave-rich South Shore, Sunny is a star-student athlete on the 'Iolani school surf team.

Sunny is just as bright as her name, performing at the top of her class and surf team, always spreading aloha with a smile on her face!

Sunny goes above and beyond as a steward to both her community and the environment; when the Hawaiian Surfing Association season was threatened by insufficient funds, Sunny activated her community to raise $15,000, saving not only last season, but this current season as well.

"We have to take care of what gives so much to us. The ocean gives us the gift of surfing, and I want everyone to experience that, so we have to put effort towards making sure the ocean is clean and healthy for all to enjoy" -Sanoe (Sunny) Kazama

Sunny is passionate about surfing and sustainability, and so for her entrepreneurship class project, she devised a business plan titled "Waves of Change," to encourage sustainable tourism in Hawaii via cultural immersion education and surfing experiences.

Sunny was also chosen to participate in Carissa Moore‘s mentorship program, Moore Aloha, where she receives personal mentorship from Carissa and Megan Abubo. Carissa even donated her Pipeline competition jersey and trophy to Sunny's fundraiser!

We happily support Sunny and the entire ‘Iolani team. We recognize their efforts to spread the Avasol Aloha! We are cheering them on as they compete in their last three competitions on the road to Nationals!

"Whatever you do, make sure you have love for it." -Sanoe (Sunny) Kazama

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