A Quick Recap of our Avasol Oahu Trip!

A Quick Recap of our Avasol Oahu Trip!

The past two weeks on Oahu for our Avasol business trip were a dream come true. Seemingly every moment was a "pinch me" moment. It was an incredible honor to represent the brand we believe in so wholeheartedly, and witness the power of the far-reaching network of humans who believe in it just as much as we do. This reminded us of why we do what we do!

We went in with the mission to carry out a beach cleanup with our partners, conduct ambassador interviews with our passionate advocates, and network with fellow sustainability leaders in the surf industry. Mission accomplished! Everything aligned for us to meet the most inspiring individuals and catapult our cause on a larger scale. 

A few highlights were:

- Attending the A New Earth Project Allies and advocates dinner, where we got to listen to inspiring talks from sustainability leaders such as Wes Carter, Don Meek, Tulsi Gabbard, SurfAid and more!

- Witnessing the magic of Chris Mauro interviewing Leah Dawson, who passionately told the Avasol story in the language of us waterpeople, resonating so deeply with our core values that we left invigorated, tingling and jumping up and down with excitement

- Meeting and talking with Kelly Slater, Carissa Moore, Ross Williams, Leo Fioravanti, and countless other world-class surfers; Kohl Christensen, Ramon Navarro and Koa Smith to name a few

- Lunch with the amazing Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

- Receiving a tour of the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Learning Farm from Kim Johnson, the founder herself

- Collecting 277 pounds of microplastics from Kailua beach alongside the local community, which we activated with the help of The Surfrider Foundation, The Sunrise Shack and A New Earth Project

- Watching the World Surf League Billabong Pipe Pro front and center, from the A New Earth house on Pipeline 

- Interviewing our amazing ambassadors!! Shoutout to Louis Solywoda, Sunny Kazama and Lucas Godfrey for making the time.

Massive thank you and shoutout to A New Earth Project, for believing in us, partnering with us, and inviting us along for the ride. It was such an honor being invited to the Allies and Advocates dinner and the ANEP Pipe house, where we got to connect with incredibly inspiring changemakers, surfers, activists, business leaders and more - all while watching the most prestigious surf competition in the world.

This trip was so much more than a regular trip to Hawaii. We are so grateful to call this work !! and to infuse meaning into our travels. There is something so special about finding yourself in the right place, at the right time, surrounded by the right people to make magic happen. Only by opening our minds and getting out of our comfort zones do opportunities like these arise! None of this would have been possible without the teamwork of Avasol and A New Earth Project.

Ocean conservation, sustainable products, protection from the elements, and environmental education are inextricably intertwined. It was amazing communicating this message and seeing the overwhelmingly positive response. Thrilled to watch the momentum we generated on this trip trickle down as we continue to tell the Avasol story all around the world.


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