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Captain Liz is a surfer, writer, eco/spiritual activist, & brand ambassador living aboard her sailboat & seeking to inspire others to live their dreams!

Through her website SwellVoyage.com, Liz shares her journey with the world in an effort of inspire people to live out their passions, spend more time in nature, engage in self-awareness and personal growth, and develop a consciousness of their everyday planetary impact.

So, Kai says "Dad, I have an idea for a film to help tell the Avasol story". Like a little pro, he made some notes and a story-board on a scrap of paper. We shot it over the course of a day, but we fiddled with it for the past year till we got it where we liked it. We just got around to playing the soundtrack.

This is a first for us on a lot of levels; first YouTube video, first time shooting with a GoPro, or DSLR video, first time editing in iMovie, first time recording and mixing in GarageBand, first time playing a Bass Ukulele. All of this probably shows, but we hope you enjoy it... Set your viewer to 1080p HD and enjoy.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported our mission. Aloha to all our new friends!


Team Avasol

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