So, Kai says "Dad, I have an idea for a film to help tell the Avasol story". Like a little pro, he made some notes and a story-board on a scrap of paper. We shot it over the course of a day, but we fiddled with it for the past year till we got it where we liked it. We just got around to playing the soundtrack.

This is a first for us on a lot of levels; first YouTube video, first time shooting with a GoPro, or DSLR video, first time editing in iMovie, first time recording and mixing in GarageBand, first time playing a Bass Ukulele. All of this probably shows, but we hope you enjoy it… Set your viewer to 1080p HD and enjoy.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported our mission. Aloha to all our new friends!!


Team Avasol

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